I know that your heart belongs to someone else . I also know that your heart is wanted by someone other than me. I guess, on this occasion, it is probably is best if I don’t mess with this equasion. So, anything else is yours but my heart is off limits just now.


Just when I needed you most

C x

And so, again, I am in a dilema.( OK , when am I not ! ) I know the decision I make will be the right one, I’m just not sure who it will be the right one for.

 I know I want to but I also I know I can’t.

C x

head v heart

I guess that sometimes , I think with my heart and not with my mind. I’m not sure yet if that is good or bad.

 When you know that your head is saying one thing and your heart another which do you chose. I honestly wish I knew the answer right now. If you do, please let me know !

C x

Silly really

And once again I find myself wishing that I could give up pretending, go out there and be who I want to be. Life’s strange that way I guess.  I’m happy with who I am some days and others I wan’t to be so much more .

Although each day I am thankful for all the wonderful things in my life.

Silly really.

C x

In angels arms

It started off an emotional kind of day. A story about a young mum who jumped to her death after losing her baby to cot death had me so upset. Grief  is such a terrible thing to deal with and everyone deals with it differently. It isn’t natural for your child to play with the angels before you. The moment they are born you have hopes and dreams for them and know that what ever it takes you will protect them from harm as best you can. Their future is always in your mind and so when they are unexpectadlly taken from you the emptiness you feal is un describable. Councelling is not always as readily availiable as it made out to be and some feel they need to be or look strong for those around them , so won’t accept it if offered.  I wish there was more that could be done, more that I could do, I’m just not sure what.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this young girls family and I pray that mum & baby are together now again safe in angels arms.

With Love

C x

17,000 tweets

So, I joined twitter 17,000 tweets ago . My tweets are usually comps or just random ramblings really, I have been told on more than one occasion that I just talk nonsence. I think that is probably true. I have though, had a great time tweeting. I speak to wonderful people who seem to manage to brighten up my darkest days. For that I am truly gratefull. I’ve also won some pretty decent prizes on there too !

So my 17,000 th tweet is dedicated to all the lovely people in twitter land , especially the lovely twinners xxx

Have a lovely day all & thanks for everything x

C x